The social body at Laiterie Saint-Père has a family culture inherited from its past, and which is today cultivated through the organisational charter and management methods which give people responsibility and promote cooperation, involvement and efficiency.

The company’s global performance is dependent on social performance, in other words, the well-being and motivation of the staff. Being convinced of this, the management of the dairy implemented a major project in 2015, the purpose of which was to analyse the organisational layout, management methods and corporate processes to make all necessary improvements in order to… Create energy!

Individual interviews, group discussions, questionnaires completed by all staff: the Moveo project has now given rise to over 50 actions designed to support the growth of the company while improving financial performance, it’s social model and customer satisfaction.

Since October 2015, the employees of the dairy have had a common break area for all departments (production, administration, management), in addition to pre-existing areas. “This break room can be used by all staff and has a monthly budget allocated by the company for tea and coffee, …“ (Mélinda Bouessay, HR Manager). Work completed by companies in the Saint-Père-en-Retz catchment area.