Settling plant

Agricultural recovery of WATER: in partnership with farmers


Going beyond legal and regulatory requirements, the staff at the dairy always work to minimise the impact of activities on the countryside as far as is possible, while recovering as much effluent and waste as possible. One example demonstrating this is the agricultural recovery of water used in production…

There is no question of piping waste water to the purification plant at Saint-Père-en-Retz: the company has its own settling plant.  The water is filtered and aerated before the decanting stage; all treatment processes are completely natural using no added chemical products“

(Emmanuel Duval, Environmental Manager)

After treatment, the water contains fertilising compounds and is therefore useful in agriculture.

We keep the treated water in a storage basin until it is needed for irrigation, generally in March and November.  When the time arrives, and by agreement with the farmers in question, we spray the water on their fields, taking into account the requirements of each one and the crops grown on it. To achieve this we have around a hundred water outlets connected to the storage basin by a 30 km network of buried pipes”.

At the end of each spraying season, the dairy’s Environmental department establishes a statement of the contributions made to each plot, which is sent to the farmers, to DREAL and to the Water Agency.

The storage basin can contain up to 106,000 m3. The spraying zone itself covers 529 hectares, or more than 700 football pitches just like the one in Saint-Père-en-Retz! For the farmers involved, the provision of fertilising compounds represents a significant saving and helps to develop a system of sustainable agriculture.