If you have taken some time to browse this website, you will undoubtedly understand that: joining Laiterie Saint-Père is to join a modern and innovative company with a family culture and possessing significant resources, a company which promotes responsibility and commitment to serve customers and improve results.

So… “If you like the look of our projects, if you look to the future, if you are capable of working without waiting for orders to come from above… If you are committed and like teamwork… Join us: whether you come from a technical background or an administrative background, you will never get bored!  “ (René Grelaud, CEO).

At this time the company is looking for new talent

Internships / Work placement

La Laiterie Saint-Père helps to train young professionals in the trades of the industry and support functions. To achieve this it has partnered with a number of colleges and training organisations such as the CFA in Nantes, Saint-Herblain and Saint-Nazaire, CESI in Saint-Nazaire, CNAM in the Pays de la Loire, the University of Nantes and the Agrocampus (Rennes), Oniris (Nantes), the IAE in Caen… And this list is far from exhaustive: please contact us for more information.

Unsolicited job applications

Every week the human resources office receives a number of unsolicited job applications. “We examine them all with interest and care. Write to us: tell us about your career path and why you would like to join us“ (Mélinda Bouessay, HR Manager)

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