Ici, l’élaboration d’une nouvelle recette de crème fraîche

In meeting the specific sets of specifications, Laiterie Saint-Père provides its customers with the skills of its staff and the flexibility of its production plant to achieve innovation.

A little less sugar? A more intense chocolate flavour? A subtle note of caramel: in order to meet all these requirements and to test recipes, the team leaders of the R&D department use a test laboratory to create samples under actual conditions, and they can do this very quickly.

“This is a valuable way of working: having samples available assists in discussions with the customer as they can judge them… Until they get exactly the result they want! “

(Julien Sion, Sales Director).

After the “bench” work has been done and tests conducted by the R&D staff, each recipe is approved by the pilot laboratory and then tested under real conditions. Here we can see a pudding being tested under industrial conditions.