Marion Martin

Research and Development (R&D): “transforming ideas into products

Testimonial of Marion Martin, assistant to the service manager

The R&D department at Laiterie Saint-Père has 5 members of staff: an operator (holding professional qualifications in Process Engineering), two project managers (from engineering colleges), a department manager and his assistant, Marion Martin, also a project manager.

We conduct applied research into the development of new products and upgrading existing products: either we create a recipe from A to Z in order to meet the requirements of the customer or to propose a new product, or we upgrade recipes to obtain a different texture, to respond to changes made by competitors, to replace one ingredient with another or to facilitate the manufacturing process… “

As such, in a single day the R&D staff may be working on cream deserts, butter or milk… “Each time the goal is different; each time we need to reinvent, test and create until our customer is satisfied with the proposed samples.  This is always inspiring and highly diversified: no one day is like another, everything is always changing “.

In order to run projects smoothly from the initial idea to commercialisation of the finished product, the R&D department collaborates with all other departments of the dairy: “R&D work cannot be done alone in a laboratory! We are in constant contact with production, maintenance, quality, logistics, procurement and marketing etc. this is what makes our job interesting”.

In her capacity as an assistant, Marion Martin also manages the day-to-day activities of the team and coordinates the various projects, depending on the priorities for the department.

parcoursWith a scientific background, Marion Martin discovered the Laiterie Saint-Père in 2004 during an internship at the end of her degree; she was then studying at the Enetia College of Engineering in Nantes (now called Oniris). “I came back a few years later, after gaining professional experience at another dairy“.

profilGood listening and teamwork skills. Autonomy. The ability to formulate proposals and coordinated projects. Rigour and the ability to conduct regulatory and technological surveillance. Creativity inspired by a strong desire to watch market trends. Intellectual curiosity. A love of fine food is a plus.

« We are lucky enough to have a pilot system available, a dedicated line on which we can test our recipes ».