World: highly depressed situation

• The influx of European milk continues to weigh heavily on the markets, despite the slowdown in the collection in Australia and some countries in South America.
• International trade has been the slowdown in Chinese purchases and the Russian embargo throughout 2015, but remained buoyant overall.
• Global butter over and skim milk powder measured in Oceania continue to decline in the beginning of the year, those cheddar and whole milk powder are stabilizing.

Europe: always an abundance of milk

• Always dynamic, the European collection reached 5.2% in the first two months of the year.
• Indeed, in contrast to current market signals, collecting many Member-States show an evolution which can reach double figures on the beginning of 2016, as is the case in Ireland (32.6%) , Belgium (+ 18.6%), the Netherlands (+ 16.5%) … compared to a time when the collection had slowed sharply in anticipation of the end of quotas.
• On average, milk prices applied in Europe amounted for January and February, well below the levels of previous years.

France: start of production slowdown?

• At the beginning of 2016, less dynamic than elsewhere in Europe, the French collection appears up in January but appears to decline in February (-0.7% vs. February 2015).
• The situation of industrial products remains difficult: during the disintegration of butter and put to the massive intervention to the powder. As for consumer goods, their factory output price indices and their consumer sales prices are down for all categories.
• The price of standard milk FranceAgriMer continues to decline to € 285/1000 liters in February, according to the monthly survey. Over the last 12 months, the average price down to a 38/32 milk was 305 € / 1000l in France and € 277 / 1000l Germany.