The milk collected by Laiterie Saint-Père only comes from French farms, all of which are located within 100 km of the dairy.

As a major regional player, Laiterie Saint-Père also contributes to the growth of the French milk industry (67,000 farms in2015) and can guarantee consumerscompliance with cold chain regulations, strict quality controls and unfailing traceability.  This proximity meets the expectations of the French people, the majority of which prefer products which areMade in France (source:CREDOC, Centre de recherche pour l’étude et l’observation des conditions de vie).

Lastly, being located at the heart of its collection zone, Laiterie Saint-Père is able to minimise the carbon footprint associated with its activities.

Tanker truck used solely for the collection of milk. The milk pumping system on the new trucks is powered by an electric battery which is recharged as the truck drives from one farm to another. Collection is therefore done with the engine turned off, so reducing the carbon footprint. With the same goal in mind, all drivers are regularly trained in eco-driving techniques.