Laiterie Saint-Père employs over 300 staff.
The first of these responsibilities is to make every effort to ensure that staff are able to perform their duties in complete safety.

Form operators to management, all employees of the dairy are trained as first responders (use of extinguishers); 25 are second responders (capable of tackling fires while awaiting the fire brigade) and 60 are workplace responders (capable of attending injured persons pending arrival of rescue services).

Number of accidents at work

La Laiterie Saint-Père is a benchmark factory for Agromousquetaires in terms of safety results and policy.

. “On the ground, in offices, everywhere: we make sure that safety is the main priority for everyone at all times“

(Magali Staal, Quality, Safety and continuous improvement manager).

And that begins as soon as people arrive at the company.

All new arrivals must undergo safety training to raise their awareness and inform them of the general rules applying at the site (traffic plan, no running etc.).

They are then provided with support at their work stations to identify and learn about the particular risks it involves, both in terms of machinery and the environment.

The company pays special attention to safety as a general rule. The training plan covers:

  • Posture and motion
  • Working at height
  • Pallet truck handling…

In 2015, safety training accounted for around 20% of the entire training budget for the dairy.

The EOLE line is ultra-modern and produces up to 55 pallets per hour; “with this production rate and in view of the compactness of the site, the presence of truck drivers was difficult to envisage, in particular for reasons of safety and hazards”.(Olivier Mathieu, Operations Manager). Six laser-guided shuttles taking pallets to the storage area.

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All accidents are analysed, corrective actions are taken and an intensive visual communications campaign is applied; in general, “wherever you are in the building, whenever you turn your head you will see the Safety message “.