The milk collected by Laiterie Saint-Père only comes from French farms, all of which are located within 100 km of the dairy.  This proximity meets the expectations of the French people, the majority of which prefer products which are Made in France (source:CREDOC, Centre de recherche pour l’étude et l’observation des conditions de vie).

“The basics of the dairy industry, but others as well! “

Milk, butter, sour cream, deserts… La Laiterie Saint-Père specialises in the production of private label products. Almost 230 different products leave the factories each year: enough to supply major supermarket chains and restaurant suppliers under optimal logistics conditions, both in France and abroad.

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addition to its catalogue of products, another strength of Laiterie Saint-Père is its ability to meet special sets or specifications. Different types of packaging, a special quality of milk or a recipe which is never been made before:

“We have the skills and equipment to take on special requests, from the manufacture of a‘‘custom’’product to the reorganisation of an entire range“ (Julien Sion, Sales Director).

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And we are happy to oblige!

A reliable partner

A modern and high-performance production system, milk which is collected and packaged locally, compliance with all food safety regulations, conformity with your specifications, optimise logistics costs, on-time deliveries: at each step of the process, “we make every effort to honour our commitments to help you to grow“.

Personal relationships

We provide you with a dedicated contact person who knows your business: taking delivery orders, or for the entire length of the process of creating a “custom” product or an entire range especially for you, “up until your demands have been fully satisfied“.

Product range