Laiterie Saint-Père has 400 partner producers 400 partner producers within a radius of 100 km of the dairy.

Being at the centre of the collection zone is essential: “It is here that decisions are made and we discuss everything with producers in the field. This proximity gives a good understanding of them and enables us to find solutions when needed

(René Grelaud, CEO).

Over the last 30 years the collection zone has extended to a radius of 100 km around the dairy: a distance which still allows us to maintain a relationship of proximity with farmers.


collecte-en-franceThe milk collected by Laiterie Saint-Père only comes from French farms, all of which are located within 100 km of the dairy. This proximity enables us to guarantee farmers and consumers compliance with cold chain regulations and unfailing traceability. It also helps in the development of the milk industry in France.

A close relationship of trust

We obtain milk from 400 dairy farmers which are either conventional or certified as Organic farmers or Blue and White Heart certified (milk naturally enriched with Omega-3). “Over 50% of the farms have become partners during the last 30 years“.

Laiterie Saint-Père maintains day-to-day relationships with each farmer based on a system of trust, mutual respect and a shared vision of the future:

Specifically, this relationship involves the collection of milk, technical support to optimise the quality of their milk, the provision of agricultural supplies, advice etc. Furthermore, when we make an investment, we do it in the knowledge that we already have a market in place.  We are therefore capable of making commitments to producers and providing them with full transparency

(Yoann Archambeau, Producer Relations and Collection Manager).

Agromousquetaires Producer Charter

formalises reciprocal commitments between Laiterie Saint-Père and each producer. The charter:

  • requires a milk purchase contract to be in place,
  • and confirms the producer’s commitment to the charter of best farming practices,
  • it formalises the conditions required by Laiterie Saint-Père regarding the storage of milk and safe collection procedures,
  • it also sets out the technical and financial support provided by the dairy to each producer.

The best farming practices charter is a system used by farmers to help them improve their practices and meet the expectations of their partners and the general public. Membership is on involuntary and individual basis. By adhering to the charter, regional producer makes six commitments:
– To control the traceability of the animals on the farm
– To keep their heard healthy
– To provide healthy and balanced feed and to monitor the health of the animals
– To protect the quality of the milk using rigorous hygiene practices
– To control the well-being of animals and the safety of staff working on the farm and those working with the animals on an occasional basis
– To contribute to protection of the environment

95% of the partner farms of Laiterie Saint-Père adhere to the best farming practices charter (created in 1999 by the National Farming Confederation) and meet the requirements of the Agromousquetaires Producer Charter, the terms of which cover continuous improvement of the quality of products for the safety of consumers.