The goal of Laiterie Saint-Père is to supply safe, high-quality products to meet the needs of customers and to allow the company and the milk industry to grow on a sustainable basis.

This ambition requires excellence and rigour in all departments of the company and in all processes: we constantly search for excellence in each of our processes to generate results ensuring the sustainability of Laiterie Saint-Père.



Whatever our duties within the organisation, we all have a customer who needs to be satisfied, whether it’s a consumer, a distributor, a producer or another department within the company.

To improve performance at Laiterie Saint-Père, everyone considers himself to be a supplier to his customers: he anticipates their needs, makes proposals and innovates; he responds to their requests under the conditions and deadlines required.


Encouraged by the management, each employee has his own station and works within the team to promote the success of the company and the growth of its customers. Given this responsibility, all employees must generate proposals, solutions and innovation, they are also required to question existing models in order to construct those of the future.


La Laiterie Saint-Père is a member of Agromousquetaires, the first own-brand manufacturer in France.  The not insignificant resources dedicated to it encourage accountability and commitment in everyone: through its actions and its results, Laiterie Saint-Père contributesto the development of its shareholders and their reputation.


United around a common goal, the employees of Laiterie Saint-Père support each other; they are very loyal to their company and do their utmost to be of service to their customers, they prioritise the interest of the many over individual interests; they help each other, they support and develop relationships of cooperation between teams and between departments.

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